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Mestrando Soquete

Mestrando Soquete has been a martial artist for over 38 years. He started training Karate in 1986, Tae kwon do and boxing in 1889 before spending a few Years in the Australian Navy. Soquete continued his training in the martial arts with western kickboxing and grappling arts after his service. Soquete discovered Capoeira in 1997 and has been training Capoeira for over 27 years.

Soquete has taught workshops, trained and participated at Capoeira events in Australia, Singapore, Indonesia, Brazil & U.S.A. Soquete immigrated to Canada in 2010 where he established a capoeira group with the blessings and encouragement of his teacher and mentor, Mestre Cicatriz ( a Capoeira Master from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) founder of Associacao Kadara Capoeira Internacional)

Soquete has also been a personal trainer since 2005 and worked as a self defense instructor in high schools across the GTA for 8 years. His considerable martial art experience combined with his knowledge of modern training concepts gives him a unique ability to blend the modern with tradition.

Soquete has taken groups of Canadian students to Brazil on a number of occasions to represent our group at international events.

Soquete is also a certified yoga instructor since 2019 and teaches the anatomy portion of  teacher trainer’s courses

Soquete opened Kadara Capoeira’s full-time academy in Scarborough in 2017 and celebrated the academy’s 5th anniversary in 2022.

In 2022 Soquete also started a YouTube channel to share instructional videos to help his own students as well as the greater capoeira community to better understand Capoeira fundamental movements, music, and training drills. His detailed and strategic approach to teaching and training Capoeira is well worth taking the time to watch, listen and learn.



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