Toronto Kid’s Class Schedule

21 Progress Avenue


Our Kids Capoeira classes and programs in Toronto are designed specifically to teach your child the art and culture of Capoeira. Your child will be exposed to martial arts, music, dance, the rich Brazilian culture, the history, the philosophies and teaching found in the music and songs learned in class. Throughout the program, your child will develop other important qualities such as:

kids2Get Fit
Be Confident
Make Friends
Have Fun
Learn drums
Learn to sing in Brazilian
Learn to focus
Develop respect
Promote Creativity
Become stronger
Become more flexible
Become healthier

Kids/JR Jaguars Program

kids1(This program is specially designed for 5-8 age group)

We focus on empowering children with a focus on Capoeira movements, gymnastics skills, martial arts techniques, music and instruments. Classes are taught with games and songs and lots of moving around.

Youth/Jaguars Program

(This program is specially designed for the 9-15 age group)

Your child will develop strength and control through practicing movements, techniques, music, drills and conditioning exercises. Students learn the culture and history of Capoeira while developing respect for the art, themselves and each other. Classes focus on gameplay, gymnastic skills and philosophy. The students are integrated into adult classes on Saturdays in order to improve group dynamic and socialization skills.


Capoeira is a great way for kids of all ages to come together and develop their physical, social, musical & creative energy whilst encouraging discipline and respect in a fun & playful environment. Capoeira will benefit your child by developing psycho-social aspects such as Anxiety, Shyness, Aggressiveness, Discipline, Co-operation, and Communication.

The principle aspect in playing Capoeira is where the most important aspect is not winning or losing, but geared toward cooperation and cultivation of each child’s skill as the game has no winner or loser.

Capoeira can also help to develop the potential of each child in their ability to learn in school and have a positive influence in general in the physical, mental and social aspects of their life.