Toronto Adult Class Schedule

21 Progress Avenue


Kadara Canada in Toronto, Ontario runs regular adult all level Capoeira classes. We encourage a friendly and welcoming group dynamic. Our classes focus on the base movements and techniques required to safely and smartly play Capoeira. Our students also learn the culture and history of Capoeira through developing an appreciation of its music; including both the instruments and songs that create the unique rhythm for the dynamic movements, Capoeira is renowned for.

Strength and conditioning elements are integrated into classes with a focus on increasing the students’ abilities to learn and perform more challenging movements. Core control, as well as upper and lower body strength, is developed over time during regular capoeira training. Students are encouraged to challenge themselves and supported to develop at their own pace with modifications made to simplify or intensify exercises as needed. One of the greatest benefits of Capoeira training is that it’s so much fun!