Hello and welcome to Kadara Capoeira Canada. We are a Capoeira school based in Scarborough, Toronto. Our Full time Capoeira academy has classes throughout the week for all levels from age 4 and up. All are welcome to join our Capoeira classes in a fun, safe and challenging environment. Kadara Capoeira Canada is the North American branch of Associação Kadara Capoeira Internacional, founded by Mestre Cicatriz with schools in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Indonesia, Japan and the Philippines.

Capoeira was created by the African people in Brazil as a mechanism for resistance, Community and unity. Capoeira Fuses Music, Culture, Martial arts and acrobatics. It utilizes kicks and cartwheels, high flying tricks and fluid floor movements. It is a physical dialogue between 2 players – a conversation through movement to percussive Afro-Brazilian music.

To really understand Capoeira, you need to experience it for yourself. It is a dynamic martial art and expression of culture that will challenge your body to move in new ways.. In a Capoeira class, you will improve your strength, coordination, stamina and flexibility while having so much fun, you won’t realize you are working out.

Kadara Capoeira also works in and with the local community, performing Capoeira Demonstrations at public and private events as well as Teaching workshops at local schools. Contact Us for more info.



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