Kadara Capoeira Canada is hands down the best school in the GTA!

I started Capoeira around 2001 with another group while I was going to college and working full time. But certain obstacles and responsibilities came along and I lost all interest in the art and stopped training in 2010.

In 2011 and almost a year had went by that have not trained I ran into an advertisement for Capoeira classes offered in Scarborough.

I decided to give it a try to see what it was all about, and since then I have not stopped! Instrutor Soquete is a very skilled Capoeirista and the quality of teaching he provides is incredible.

The following year September 2012 I had the privilege of meeting Mestre Cicatriz where the students received their corda crua to be initiated into the group.

Since then we have already celebrated two successful Batizado’s and Troca De Corda’s July of 2013 & 2014. Time definitely flew by with all the success that Kadara Capoeira Canada has accomplished to this present date.

Mestre Cicatriz is truly an inspiration and a great leader to all Capoeiristas. I am very privileged to have him as my Mestre and to be a proud student of Kadara Capoeira.

Instrutor Soquete I cannot thank you enough! If it was not for you I can’t confidently say that I would be active in Capoeira. Your great knowledge, skill and attention to detail has brought my passion back for this beautiful art tenfold.

Thank you for all your guidance and motivation over the years. Thank you for instilling confidence and trust in me

Ken Sison – Monge

Capoeira has been one of the truly life changing experiences in my life. About 8 years ago, I was looking for an activity to help me improve my fitness and at the same time teach me some self defence. My fitness at the time was terrible, I was quite uncoordinated and I was very overweight as I was in an office job. I’d joined gyms but found them boring and uninspiring. Then one day while I was walking to work I saw a poster advertising Capoeira. I had no idea what Capoeira was about? I read the description but it wasn’t until I saw the bit about Eddie Gordo from the PS2 game Tekken 3 that I understood what the poster was talking about. So I thought that it would be great to check out a class and see if the moves that were in the video game could actually be done in real life.

I turned up only to observe the class. The instructor was very encouraging and I decided/attempted to participate. The instructor helped me to understand some of the basic movements. The class was really challenging and I was using muscles that I didn’t even know existed. But the instructor and the students were really supportive and helped me to learn by giving me a progression of each movement that I could work towards achieving. But it was at the end of the class when the instructor held a roda that blew my mind away. The class formed a circle and then two students began to play Capoeira in the middle. Watching the beautiful acrobatic movements, flips and kicks to the music was a jaw-dropping experience. The students and instructor would alternate by going into the middle of the circle and playing against each other. At the end of the roda I said to the instructor that if I could do even half of those movements in a year I would be sold. He said that I’d be doing them in a couple of months. I started doing 2-3 classes a week and in 3 weeks I had lost 4kg. In total, I went from being 98kg to 80kg in the around 6 months. But the levels of fitness, strength, flexibility and coordination that I gained were incredible. I went from not being able to do a cartwheel in the first class to executing two handed, one handed and no handed cartwheels in 6 weeks. I was able to do things with my body that I would have never thought possible. And the fact that each class was fun helped me to maintain a high motivation.

Coming to class each night and learning new movements with my friends meant that we would all develop very rapidly and it never felt like hard work. But the physical benefits were only part of the gift that Capoeira has given me. Through Capoeira and specifically through the Sinha Bahia school, I have made wonderful friends. A closeness and a feeling of family has developed throughout the whole school, from mestre (master) right down to the beginner student. We have all come from all walks of life. Whether we’re doctors, IT professionals, teachers, shop assistants, students, etc. in the roda, none of that matters and there is a genuine feeling of family and support is one of the most wonderful things to have in this world nowadays. The wisdom, guidance, philosophies and support of Mestre Cicatriz, Instructor Soquete, Instructor Jensen and the other teachers has been invaluable. So I thank Capoeira for playing a significant role in my life. I thank Sinha Bahia, it’s wonderful teachers and students for their guidance, support and friendship and I hope that our wonderful school continues to grow and flourish throughout the world. I am proud to be a part of this wonderful school.

Rod Teo – Aluno Panda

Capoeira has added balance, not only to my physical state, but also my mental state. Like the wonderfully multifaceted art form itself, I have felt myself become a jumble of music and acro and good vibes since I’d started training with Soquete just over two years ago.

It’s a great feeling—to be bursting at the seams (figuratively, of course) with the urge to belt out a song or bust a move wherever I find myself, and I find that I’m much more confident when taking on new challenges.

Want to immerse yourself into a completely new world of discipline? Learn a new language? Challenge your body in ways you’d not have thought to? Gain fitness and confidence? Lose some of that negative energy? Don’t mind clipping your toenails? Dude. Capoeira. I’ve never left a class upset or uninspired, and I can very nearly guarantee that you won’t, either. Vamos jogar!

Safiya Tiesse – Gata

I have been training with Kadara Capoeira Canada for over 2 years. Kadara Capoeira is a truly amazing and friendly group. It is the perfect combination of tough (martial element) and warm (community element-friendship, music, rodas, workshops). This club works with the whole person, both as an individual and as a group member – mentally, emotionally and physically.

Because of my training experience with Kadara, I am stronger and more flexible, I have sense of belonging to the capoeira community and most importantly, I am happy. I recommend training with Kadara without reservation.

Tara Nicole – Docinha

Kadara Capoeira is arguably the best Capoeira school in Toronto. It is such an amazing group to train with both as a new student and for more advanced students. Personally I’ve trained Capoeira for 6 years over a couple of different schools and instructors, but both the Instructor and the students at Kadara Capoeira are encouraging and really make me feel as part of the family.

Instructor Soquete is an amazing individual who has many years of experience in Capoeira and in other martial arts. This really shows through his style of training and dedication and passion for teaching. I feel that I can only grow and better myself both in Capoeira and in my own personal life thanks to having such a great instructor.

Santiago Galvis – Macarrão